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Lotus, bamboo, peony, monkey, deer, rock, cherry blossom...

Depictions of these natural motifs often contain a hidden meaning.


Especially art of Buddhism and Taoism are rich in these elements. So is the art of Hinduism and to a lesser degree the art of Islam.


Using the term "art" we do not only refer to sculpture and paintings, but also to decorative arts, often performed by craftsmen and, beside temples or palaces, visible on objects of everyday use.





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bild - symbol - metafor




Book, ingot, coin, painting brush, flaming pearl, mirror, incense burner, musical instrument... Objects deriving from religious beliefs as well as those from secular life.


On the illustration shown above the lady is playing qin, Chinese kind of zither with a history of three thousand years and very complex content of meanings. This is only a small section of the bigger picture where we can see cherry tree in bloom and a group of young female listeners...


Quite often simple objects or signs serve as attributes which makes it possible to recognize certain person, event or idea.



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