Complete package includes:

  • logotype - your trademark
  • version of the logo to be placed on the internet,
  • printable version of the logo,
  • version of the logo to be placed on the plate or on the glass,
  •  round profile sign (avatar),
  • background illustration (cover photo), which may contain various graphic elements and / or text,
  • illustration for your event on Facebook,
  • advertising illustration that you want to promote on social media.
  • banner, which is an illustration of the "Home" page of your online portal,
  • your website's logo to be placed on each page,
  • three graphic elements to be placed on individual pages.

How does the whole process look like?

  1. Contact - You write us an email
  2. Details - we ask a few questions; - about the nature of the business, - the profile of Your customers, - the area in which your company is located, etc.
  3. Sketches - we send two, three quick sketches presenting various graphic proposals. You choose the motive that suits you and place the order by completing a form tha we´ll send You. At this stage, we set the final price.
  4. Deposit - we will ask you to pay 20 percent of the down payment before we get started.
  5. Two weeks - work on the project - communication concerning details such as the final colors, dimensions, addition of text, etc.
  6. Final version - you receive them from us as a pdf-document for approval.
  7. Payment - you pay the rest of the agreed amount through PayPal.
  8. We receive information about the payment immediately and instantly send You an e-mail with the order and confirmation of payment in form of an invoice marked as payed.


depends on how long is our mutual creative process and starts from 250 €.